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Ridiculously out of date computer geek/occasional gamer/subpar musician/writer who should stop listening to music several decades old and playing with 5.25" diskettes so she can get a life, which isn't happening any time soon. I also take interest in midcentury modern design, synth cheese, and some other related things. I make a lot of text posts and am prone to rambling about my life, so be forewarned. I also tend to get slightly obsessed with one band at a time, though I'll listen to others as well. I apologize in advance.

"Dagmar, holding eyes with a snake", c. mid 1920s


"Dagmar, holding eyes with a snake", c. mid 1920s


I’m so proud to present you some Chinese art.

Liang Yan Shen was born in the 1960s in Beijing and studied art and painting there. Her art is dedicated to birds, flowers and animals and the style is called Gongbi.

 Gongbi (simplified Chinese: 工笔; traditional Chinese: 工筆) is a careful realist technique in Chinese painting, the opposite of the interpretive and freely expressive xieyi (寫意 ‘sketching thoughts’) style.

The name is from the Chinese gong chin meaning ‘tidy’ (meticulous brush craftsmanship). The gongbi technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely and without independent or expressive variation. It is often highly colored and usually depicts figural or narrative subjects.

Source: Wikipedia

Have I earned the right to use the adjective “eightiestastic?”


video killed the radio star // the buggles

in my mind and in my car
we can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far
pictures came and broke your heart
put the blame on vtr




do not fall in love with people like me.
i will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. i will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. and when i leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Calm down John Green

'do not fall in love with people like me'

don’t worry i won’t


"You cannot resist the allure of my body! I am sexually appealing to everyone!" declares the charismatic, pretty vampire.
The hunter seems to fall under the spell, lured in and glassy eyed.
“Aha, I knew-” began the vampire gleefully, only to be cut off by a stake protruding through their heart.
“You’re an egotistic asshat,” states the hunter.
“B-but how?,” the vampire cries.
The hunter pauses and replies, “I’m a sex-repulsed asexual.”